About Us

Strummit.com is a site that my brother and I have set up primarily as a site to “show off” our modest guitar collection, we are, however, always interested in adding to our collection and have a page that lists various guitars that we would like to acquire, along with a contact e-mail address.

Hofner guitars are of particular interest to us, (as this site may reflect), but any guitar of British or Foreign origin will be considered. We also have an expert guitar repairer who sets up all our guitars after we have acquired them, his name is Paul Egholm and he has a page dedicated to his work on this website, he will also undertake repairs on various stringed instruments and if you have a guitar or other stringed instrument that needs attention then please contact us webmaster@strummit.com, please bear in mind that we are based in Essex in England when enquiring about repairs.

Other guitars of interest to us include the well known makes of Fender and Gibson of which we own one of each, the Gibson guitar we own is a modern Les Paul Standard in honeyburst finish and is a beautiful guitar to play, with the power synonimous of the twin humbuckers, the Fender guitar we own is a 1976 Stratocaster, finished in black with a black scratchplate and three position switch, it is a most desirable guitar and probably my favourite guitar to play.